Can I get a personal license as a student at a lower price?

I am a senior high school student in China. SLS is very helpful for me to learn SCM/lvgl, but it is obviously not enough to limit 5 screens and 50 widgets. The cheapest commercial license costs $19 per month. Including other fees, I need to spend 150RMB every month(This is a huge sum for me). I don’t have any fixed income. The biggest problem is that I can only develop once in a few weeks or even months. So I wonder whether I can get a license of $5 per month or less (which has exceeded the charging standard for most general software in our country), or let the existing license be charged by the day of use instead of the natural day?
As a Chinese who has studied computer technology for many years, I think maybe I can help you complete SLS’s support for Chinese:)

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We would be happy support students but we can do it only via the university. Please ask one of you teachers to contact us and we can provide a license to the teacher who can transfer the license to the students.

Is there no way for high school students?

I can prove that I am a high school student through my ID card, school ID card, or my recent test results.

High school is also fine, it doesn’t have to be a university. However we’d like manage it via a teacher/professor. All he/she need to do is writing an email for us to like:
“I’m X from Y school, and I’d like to show SquareLine to my students. Could you provide some licenses to me?”

Thank you, I will contact my teacher later:)