Can the text within a Label be adjusted when a Textarea on another screen is adjusted?

I’m wondering if it’s possible to have a Label’s text be dependent on a Textarea on another screen being adjusted? Additionally, can a Textarea’s text be modified depending on which button is pressed? I’m developing a system that has several Buttons and each Button will have a Label to it. These Labels initially will read “Empty”, but if the Button is pressed, it prompts another screen that displays relevant information to that Button. Additionally, this data displayed can be adjusted as necessary by the user.

I haven’t really tried anything as I’m very new to the system and frankly don’t know where to even begin with something like this. I have my theories, like calling functions that can catch and alter the data saved within the Labels and Textarea’s, but I have my doubts purely because I haven’t tested that yet so I don’t know the feasibility.

The Buttons in HomeScreen1 lack Labels atm, however the plan is to have the Labels be dependent on what’s saved in the Textarea cells in ItemAdjustScreen, and if the same Button is pressed again, that info displays in the Textarea’s in ItemPressedScreen.


  • SquareLine Studio version: 1.4.1
  • Operating system: Windows 10
  • Target hardware: Arduino GIGA Display Shield

No designer dont have this set value event , then you def call func event and write own code …

Okay, so it really is as simple as initially leaving all Textarea’s and Labels blank and calling functions to catch the inputs/changes. Is there a site where I can find a list of the commands SquareLine & LVGL communicate with?

There was a (partly duplicate) topic with pretty much the same question some days ago:

Here Viti and me proposed a solution. You’re assumption is right, it’s not directly settable, only preparable (with CALL_FUNCTION events) in SquareLine Studio but afterwards it should be that simple and straightforward with LVGL as you imagine, you can simply turn your step-by-step description into the atomic LVGL commands…