Cannot complete registration

I have registered and now get this screen:

No matter how many times I press ‘Resend Verification Email’ I never actually get an email.

I signed up for both the newsletter and this forum using thre same email address and have successfully received replies.

Please help

Please send your email address to me in private and we will make you email address verified manually.

I have exactly that same problem @kisvegabor - can I send you my email address so you can fix it too?

Did you register with the same email address as the forum? Because that email address is not in our system at all. You need to register separately for and These are independent systems. If you registered on with a different email address, send an email to with that email address and we’ll see what the problem is.

Thanks, originally I tried registering with the same address but then when it did not work, I used a different email address in case that was the problem. I will email details as suggested.

Our SMTP server shows that all emails have been delivered. It’s possible they ended up in your spam folder. Regardless, I manually verified your email address.

Thanks - I emailed details about the problem and then a few days later I suddenly got a pile of emails through with reset links - not sure what the logjam was but they were not in my spam folder.

All sorted now.

I also have the problem of completing the registration.
Neither a click on the “Verify Email Address” button nor the direct use of the link text in the verification email works.

The first attempt to register was a good month ago. In the meantime, however, the trial license has expired and I can no longer use the Square Line Studio software for my private project.

Probably you had problem with the Captcha in the verification process. But we activated your registration manually so you can use it now.