Cannot unlock items

What do you want to achieve?

To be able to unlock panels and labels once the “padlock icon” is shown as locked.

What have you tried so far?

Screenshot or video


  • SquareLine Studio version: 1.0.5
  • Operating system: Linux Manjaro
  • Target hardware: STM32

What happens if you click the lock icon? Can you send screenshot, just be sure we don’t miss something obvious?

No worries, I will install OBS and make a GIF when I get the time. Clicking the padlock on several objects does nothing and I have no way of unlocking at this point.


These are permanently locked. Clicking them does nothing.


It seems working on our end but we noticed a visual bug. When you select an item and the padlock was toggled its icon is not shown. But regardless to it we could disable the lock.

Can share your project? Maybe there is something special in it.

Note that the “lock” locks only the position of the widget.

No worries, maybe just a weird anomaly. Clicking the locks does nothing when they appear as they are in the screenshot. Maybe I will try a few more things. If I have to redo it, that’s fine. It’s only maybe 10 mins work.


I had the same issue with my project today and after resetting the program it was still locked,but when the button was locked nothing was able to be edited at all no matter how and how many times i clicked unlock it completely halted any workflow.

BUT i found a temporary solution to the issue till the devs fix it.

create a new screen (not a duplicate) and drag and drop all the buttons to the new screen you will notice they will still be locked,but it will lock the most currently transferred button, for instance if i drag and drop to of the buttons to the new screen the 2nd button will stay locked and the first button will be able to be unlocked and if i drag and drop the 3rd button from the original screen to the new screen the 2nd button that was previously locked will no be able to be unlocked.

so what about the last button? create a duplicate copy in the original window so the original has two button duplicates and drag them both in,the final button from the original screen should be able to be unlocked and the you can delete the duplicate button in the new screen.

i know it might be frustrating but this is my best solution and what i used today to fix it so worst case scenario you create a new background and final button but everything in between that will be saved,give it a try and give me a heart on this post to validate my existence and good will :slight_smile:

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Thank you, it’s very useful. We are investigating it.

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I had the same issue but do_not_sleep’s workaround did work for me.

As I just found out, the same issue also applies to the “hide” button. Fortunately there is a simpler workaround: Just uncheck “Hidden” in the flags of the object.

Oh, thanks! It makes much easier to find the root of this tricky issue.