Can't get images to not be inverted

What do you want to achieve?

I want to use images for my GUI created with SquareLine, but they won’t show in normal colors, they only show in inverted colors. All other components that I have tried act as expected (text, buttons, sliders etc.), so I guess the screen settings are valid, but I must be doing something wrong.

What have you tried so far?

Changing these parameters:
#define LV_COLOR_DEPTH 16
#define LV_COLOR_16_SWAP 0


#define LV_COLOR_DEPTH 32
#define LV_COLOR_16_SWAP 1

but with no luck in any combination.

Screenshot or video



  • SquareLine Studio version:
  • Operating system:
    |Distributor ID:|Ubuntu|
    |Description:|Ubuntu 20.04.5 LTS|
  • Target hardware:
    WT32-SC01 dev kit

You should keep LV_COLOR_16_SWAP and LV_COLOR_DEPTH in sync with you HW config and SLS color settings.

Were the non-image colors good with

#define LV_COLOR_DEPTH 16
#define LV_COLOR_16_SWAP 0


If so, probably in SLS in File->Project settings the Color depth is set incorrectly.

Yeah, I have tried that. I assume “color_depth”: “16 sw”, in the SLB (not SLS?) file is supposed to mean color depth 16bit and sw for swap? The non-image color were good with all the settings i tried, so that seems a bit odd as well…

Do you know if SquareLine is ok with png files for images? I thought maybe there could be something wrong with the image file type or something along those lines?

I meant in SLS, in Project settings. Do you use a custom board or a built in board?

PNG should be fine. We have never seen png types that weren’t supported.

Anyway, please send a screenshot about your current settings and a photo about the result on the target hardware.

Ah, I see. I added my own custom board. We might be transitioning to a new board, so I have not done any more work on this board yet, but I’ll let you know if I run into more trouble. I will also provide images of my settings of course. Thank you for your input so far!


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