Cant get the adafruit 3.5 inch spi display to work with squareline

What do you want to achieve?

i would like to be able to get the screen working.

What have you tried so far?

before purchasing the the 3.5 inch screen i bought the smaller 2.8 inch version fro adafruit, it worked flawlessly but i wanted a bigger screen so i bought the 3.5 inch version, the smaller screen uses an ili9341 chip and the 3.5 inch uses a HX8357D chip, i wired the screen correctly and i tried the display test sketch by adafruit and it works, but when i try to upload my newline project all i get is a white screen, i opened the the tft_espi user setup file and uncommented the HX8357 driver and made sure the spi pins were set correctly to no avail, i even tried playing around with the color depth and some other settings but i was still getting a white screen.
any help would be very much appreciated.
thank you in advance.
iam using squareline studio version 1.4.0 with lvgl version 8.3.11

Maybe your SPI speed is set too high in TFT_eSPi. It’s worth a try to set it to a value that worked well with the example sketch. TFT_eSPI also has some examples which you can try as a fallback/test independently of SquareLine Studio, and if it works with your display, it should work with the exported LVGL code as well.