Cant Install release 1.2.3

Fustrated I can not install the software in my windows 10 computer. Anywone has this problem with the version 1.2.3? I already do not have any licence paired to the pc. I want to use the software for evaluate it but not possible.

Try show what is error

No Error, just I unzip the file, right mouse button , execute like administrator and without notice. Before long time ago I have installed a trial but for many reasons never had time to test it, now do not works anymore and for sure the new version have changed a lot, I need for develope my projects, but first I want to evaluate if in fact works for me. As well I dont know how uninstall the old one, just I have deleted the file because uninstall option do not works. In the way to try to solve the problem I revoke the licence (in fact I dont know what is this) but I done and still with the same problem.

Hi, just make a personal account, and log in.

Done, but same result. the file downloaded I try to execute in another computer and begining to install, just I abort that installation because I need work in my computer and not in another.
In my computer dont want run the .exe just dont make anything when run it. No messages…nothing.
Its clear that for any protection reason don want install again on my computer. Then? I should format my computer only for this reason? This is a crazy thing. Someone has any solution about?

Im also ready to buy the plan if works for us but this also dont solve the problem because first I should be able to install the software. Please any help from support department. Thank you.

Seems your comp is in non standart state. Try create other user account and install here only for testing.

Done, and I have the same problem using the new user.

it is possible that the antivirus program is preventing the installation, try turning off the antivirus and then starting the installer

Windows defender Disabled totally, problem still. I also follow multiple solutions from Microsft Support but nothing. Looks like finally I should format all the PC. If nobody come with a solution. Anyway looks that not is SquareLine problem. Thank you