Capacitive Touch Screens

I’ve got my Adafruit TFT capacitive touch screen displaying an SLS GUI and I’m able to send data from my ESP32 to the display so the next step is to get my touch screen working. The display works with the Adafruit sample code but this doesn’t help me with integration to Squareline Studio to create an interactive UI.
This is my sticking point and I’m really stuck!
I really want to stick with SLS and I’m willing to buy a different capacitive touchscreen display that is easier to use with Squareline Studio. Does anyone have a recommendation? I’m looking for a display with a common driver like the ILI9341 and a touch screen driver that works well/easy to use with SLS.


As you are using ESP32, you can checkout Espressif official board supporting packages (BSP) repo. They have a SquareLine boards folder. They should work pretty well with SLS.

esp-bsp/SquareLine/boards at master · espressif/esp-bsp (