Change Screen from dropdown list

What do you want to achieve?

I would like to change the screen from dropdown list

What have you tried so far?

I tried to choose from:
add event section;
(Action=set property Type = Dropdown)

and from event section;
(Target=Dropdown Property=Selected Value=1, assuming that the dropdown list options are numbered as values (0,1,2,3,etc)

then from add another event in the same event section;
(Action=Change Screen Type = Dropdown)

Action ==> Change screen to screen2.

Did Same for screen3 by adding another event section and value to 2.

the screen changed to screen 3 while I’ve pressed on option 1 from dropdown list options.

Is that possible to change screen using an option from a dropdown list, if yes, please help.


So would like to achive something like:

  • if option 0 is selected go to screenA
  • if option 1 is selected go to screenB
  • if option 2 is selected go to screenC


If so, you can’t do it with SLS only at this moment. However you can add a “Call function” action on Value change and implement the screen change manually in this function.

The problem with that is that you can’t see the whole flow in SLS. :frowning:

In order to make it work in SLS it needed to have an extra field when the Value change trigger is selected to set the option’s index too as part of the trigger. And this logic is not supported now in SLS, but it already come it for other features too, so probably we need to add it soon.

this is exactly what i need to do, unfortunately, its not included, i appreciate your reply.

Thanks for the solution you provided, ill try to do it by adding “call function” action.

Thanks and Best Regards Kisvegabor.