Changing keyboard widget to accomplish for instance danish characters

What do you want to achieve?

I would love to be able to use danish characters in the provided keyboard. I mean it is allready awesome as it is, but it would be perfect if I could alter it to also use other characters than the english alphabet. It would give an ekstra dimension to the user experience.

Is the keyboard actually just a collection of keys (buttons) in a widget, so it is a matter of making ones own widget with a collection of buttons to comply for the wish of nationalisation?

I do not expect the developers to make all the worlds different keyboards. Just wondering if it is possible to start with the provided keyboard and add and rearrange, instead of starting from scratch. :slight_smile:

Keyboards can be customized, but not in the editor, but in code. Let us know if you can find yourself a solution or you would need our help!

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Is there some documentation to support a self study on the matter? :slight_smile:

Since Iā€™m a frebee I would hate to waste your time. :slight_smile: