Color Depth Quality of Image

What do you want to achieve?

I have a ESP 32 S3 based 4.3 inch TFT LCD IPS 800 x 480 device from AliExpress. I’m not sure if it can support 32 color bit depth or not, but the ESP32 square line project template has a bit depth of 16.

The image I want to use has 24 bit depth, and when I include it in my squareline project and run the firmware on my ESP32S3 LCD TFT - it displays the image in pixellated format - and looks terrible.

But I can only seem to convert the image to reduce the bit depth to 16 colors using software (gimp).

Has anyone any advice on using back ground images ? Is this the right thing to do reduce the bit deptch to 16 ? And whats the best way to do that ?

What have you tried so far?

Paint, Gimp, Irfan view etc. and also changing code to try to use 32 bit deptch (didnt work)

Screenshot or video

I cant upload the bmp with 24 bit color depth - “file type not authorized”


  • SquareLine Studio version: 1.3.0
  • Operating system: Windows 10
  • Target hardware: ESP32S3

My hardware is this one - IPS capacative touch

- AliExpress

You really should check the datasheet of the LCD Screen, since its hardware interface may only support RGB565 or RGB666. Higher bit depth requires more parallel data pins.

Thanks for the response, I did ask for a datasheet and obviously the supplier doesn’t have one (a shop on AliExpress), and they also do not know the supported color formats of the LCD screen. I am going to just try with different formats via LVGL and see what happens when I upload different image types.