Compile error in exported code

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I had designed a GUI project with Squareline studio and exported to the files after all settings, while compiling it in ARDUINO IDE iam facing a huge error iam struggling with it.


  • **SquareLine Studio version: 1.3.4
  • **Operating system: windows 11
  • **Target hardware: Esp32

I see the same issue posted here and here. It seems that your linker is giving you the double-definition issue which means your .c files are somehow added/included multiple times by Arduino IDE. There hasn’t been such kind of issue reported for Arduino IDE until recently, maybe they changed some ways of inclusions. (Maybe try an older version to see if anything changes, 1.8.19 works fine with SquareLine Studio exports). A quick web-search about this kind of issue in Arduino IDE might help: c++ - Arduino IDE compiler error multiple definition - Stack Overflow

Yes it is working and i have same.C files in the preference path and also in Ui files path, i had deleted the reapeted .c files now it is working.

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Good to hear it works now, Yogesh. Thanks for sharing the info.