Copying and pasting configured widgets

I need to create basically 64 of the same vertical bar widgets on a screen configured a certain way. How can I copy the one I set up properly and paste it 63 times so I can position them properly?

I found the little icon on the right side of the item in the hierarchy list right after posting this. Is it possible for you to add things like menu items and shortcuts similar to ones found in every other piece of software ever created? :smiley: Copy and paste is pretty common functionality that is generally expected to be accessible through a standard UI. Providing that interface will probably minimize support questions and translate some trials to purchases. I’m finding this software to be a bit awkward. It’s pretty, but I’d hesitate to buy it because I need a good tool that functions similar to the other tools I use.

Having to click to select an item and then click a second time to drag it is less than inviting when you have many, many small widgets to position. I was hoping preferences would provide a way to allow select and drag in one movement. That would be nice to see.

To create that many widgets I suggest creating a component in SLS and create 64 instances of the component from code. In code you can also use LVGL layouts.