Crashes on macOS when clicking off the system file chooser dialog

On macOS, if you switch from Squareline to another application while the File Open or File Save dialog box is open, Squareline will hang/freeze when you switch back it.

To reproduce:

  • Open Squareline on macOS.
  • Click Import Project. Wait until the system file choose dialog box opens
  • Switch to another application (e.g. Finder, or Chrome, etc.).
  • Switch back to Squareline.
  • Notice Squareline is completely unresponsive, and the cursor is a “beachball”. The only thing to do is the do a system Force Quit (CMD+OPT+ESC).

It happens on any file dialog box (the one that pops up to set the export path, for example).

I have been sending Reports via Apple’s developer reporting service, but I’m happy to attach the resulting trace/dump if it’s helpful.


  • SquareLine Studio version: v1.3.1
  • Operating system: macOS 13.4.1

observed that as well

Thanks for the feedback, we will look for a solution.

For me it gets stuck immediately upon opening the file chooser, even without switching to another software
I tried to run with rosetta and it doesn’t help, and as long as I don’t force closing the software the keyboard doesn’t work in all programming

do not change focus after opening the file selector
I think this triggers the hang