Defining a global theme for the project and/or a global palette

What do you want to achieve?

Define a set of default values for colors, borders, background etc and use it within the editor as welle as on the generated code and on the display

=> lv_palette_main

Do you see alternative options and workaround to achieve it?

Manually defining styles and themes attributes

Mention some use cases

For the moment you can only use LVGL’s built-in theme/style engine but meanwhile we’re working on a solution in SLS for global colours too, realization is planned for SLS-v1.3.5 release.

Thanks for your response, but it means we cannot use the WYSIWYG aspects of SLS, which is exactly the reason why we use it: to see the result, live.
I’ll have to define the theme myself and apply it in code, and flash the device to see it in action, even for paddings, borders, and so…


Do you have any plans on this topic, to be able to choose “from the style” or “manually override” for any aspects of objects styles ?

There’s progress in the direction of theme support, we worked out a complete solution in LVGL source, but implementing the WYSIWYG live-editing for the feature in SquareLine Studio GUI takes some more effort. You’ll see the most useful part/phase of it realized soon…

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Thank you for the update!