Details missing in the docs

I did not find any explanation for two details and no difference in behavior when using in the SLS IDE:

  • Panel widget: “Recolor” checkbox below “Text” input field?
  • Button labeled with an “Image” symbol, between “Zoom” and “Play” button in the upper screen bar

Any hints?

Also, I do not find any differences in the output (except that the predefined resolution or color depth changes) when selecting another target board in the preferences.

I must mention, that the docs do have massive potential for improvements. It is more or less only a
mirror of the widgets and IDE properties without any further explanation of use or other details, or samples. In the current version the docs are more or less useless (for me), as the details provided can be read from the IDE, too.

  • **SquareLine Studio version:1.3.0
  • **Operating system: WIN 11
  • **Target hardware: ESP32-S3


There is no “Text” input filed for the panel.


Could send a screen shot about what you mean?

I believe you mean this:

It’s really not documented, we will fix it soon.

It turns on/off the anti aliasing of SquareLine (not LVGL) when you zoom in/out. If you turn it off you see each pixel one-by-one, but the result is not that smooth when zoomed.

Regarding the widgets I think the main missing thing is a link to the related widget in LVGL’s documentation to learn the “coding” part of the widget. E.g. Slider (lv_slider) — LVGL documentation

Could you list the other parts (e.g. events, animations, etc) which where especially unclear for you?

Sorry, I’ve meant the label, not the panel.

Yeah, “Recolor” is documented in LVGL’s docs. We can either

  1. Manually add LVGL’s docs to SLS docs too
  2. Link to LVGL docs from SLS docs
  3. Somehow automatically include LVGL’s docs in SLS docs
  1. would be really hard to maintain, so we are thinking about 2) and 3).

Hello Gabor,

regarding missing entries in the docs I think your solution no. 2 would be sufficient.


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