Does not always generate all the ui_event.cpp events

hi there not sure if someone reported a problem of not always generating all the ui_events . using 1.2.3 . and when I export . sometime not all them are produced and I have to manually enter them in … it seams to be only affecting events on “screen3” mind you i do not have any events on screen 4 so i do not know for sure if it happens on that screen or not )

also not sure is there a limit on number of labels one can set . it seams that if i go around 100 labels ( 1/2 are names of the input and the other 1/2 variable ) then screen will not load it say started in the terminal output but the screen is black and froozen . but if I delete the new screen (screen5) of variables it starts again or maybe there a limit on screens that can have variables. if there are only images on screen 5 it displays as normal but as soon as i add variables it dies

Are you licensed, or still in the trial, otherwise you are limited to 50widgets total across all screens.

okay thank you. for the reply i was thinking it was something like that- as was test trying that today. every thing worked fine until i reached a specific number after that - boom dead

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I think there’s a little counter at the top of the page showing screen count and widget count which may make your life easier.

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