Donwload to Try

Hey! I found you through Youtube. I tried creating an account and downloading the trial version, but I couldn’t create an account as well as I couldn’t download it. The registration form is failing.

I take the opportunity to ask if you intend to post more videos on Youtube. The software looks amazing!

I tried to send this message through the contact form, but unfortunately it’s not working either.


It’s strange that none of the features are working (registration, download, messaging). Maybe are you in a special company environment? Behind a proxy, firewall or so?

Now we focusing on finalizing the next version, after that we will create more videos too. :slight_smile:

You are right! Accessing my work made the site work wrong. Thanks!!!

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Is there a way to use it thru a proxy ?


Hi Karim,

SquareLine Studio needs access to our servers at least one time, when you start it for the first time.