Download missing Board binary v1_4_0 / Download Github won't work

I want to create a project to design ILI9341 with arduino_tft_espi_v1_1_1

I have download board_arduino_tft_espi-1.1.1 and try to follow Downloading missing Board binary - stuck - #19 by Hermit. But unfortunately, It doesn’t work, am I wrong in anything ?

Please help me Dev team, you don’t need to full answer, just comment the link so I can read if you have answer it already. Thank you very much, have a good day ^^

  • SquareLine Studio version:v1_4_0
  • Operating system:Window 11
  • Target hardware:ILI9341

It should be known why you needed to do manual downloading and copying in the first place. Was there a problem with SquareLine Studio automatic downloading? If you select the board in the ‘Create’ panel when the program starts, ideally the board binaries should download automatically.
And it would be good to know what the sympthoms are, what “doesn’t work” actually means.

If you really need to revert to manual copying then you seem to do it right except the unnecessary files: only the png, the slb and the zip files are needed. It should be checked if the zip file contains __ui_project_name__ folder, not directly its files. These are what came into my mind as possible causes based on your screenshot and description.

(Another fallback (but usually not recommended) option might be (if it somehow still doesn’t work) to find the boards folder of the installed SquareLine Studio and try there too.)