Downloading missing Board binary - stuck

Hi - I have just downloaded SquareLine Studio 1.2 to have a go at some UI design for personal projects/learning.

I cant seem to open any of the examples or create a new project as each time a yellow box appears at the top of the screen saying ‘Downloading missing Board binary’. On the face of it - this seems fair, but it never goes away so doesnt seem to be downloading anything so nothing ever opens.

I have tried opening the app as an administrator, restarting my PC, and even reinstalling SquareLine Studio. I also tried allowing the app through the firewall incase this was causing the download issue.

What can I do to resolve this issue so I can actual try to work wiht SquareLine Studio?

edit: I downloaded 1.1 which works - seems like there are some bugs with 1.2

My suggestion: close SLS, download 1.1.1 version again and copy boards from installed directory (C:\Program Files\SquareLine Studio 1.1.1\boards) to a temporary directory (C:\Temp). Then reinstall 1.2.1 and move missing boards from temporary directory to new inslalled version directory.
Open SLS again and check!