Dropdown symbol

When custom fonts is added to the project dropdown symbol is not displayed correctly. How to solve this in SLS v1.1.1?

Fixed in mind: text style ‘Indicator’ must be updated from one of predefined Montserrat fonts.

The problem is that the new font doesn’t contain the Font Awesome symbols.

Actually it’s a good solution.

Have next issue with Dropdown…
DropDownIssue.rar (537.4 KB)

It seems you did it correctly.
Do you see any warnings in the Console panel?

Could you share the project so that we can test it?

Yes, there are many warnings in console (‘glypt description not found for U+410’ and similar). The proj is attached.
Charger4.rar (177.8 KB)


I’ve tried it out and found the problem. In v1.1.1 the actual list of the dropdown can’t be styles. It will be supported in v1.2.

Therefore you can’t set the font on the “list” but only on the “button”. As workaround you can do 2 things:

  • Set the font on the screen as the “list” font will be inherited from the screen
  • Set the the font manually after ui_init(). You can get the list with lv_dropdown_get_list(dropdown1)