Easy getting started tutorial with Micropython and ESP32 (T-Display S3)?

I try to get the combination of ESP32 (T-Display S3) + Micropython + Squareline + LVGL running.

But I could not yet find any useful tutorials for beginners. Any suggestions?

Hi, you can find information about LVGL - MicroPython integration for ESP32 here.
If this works, UI files exported from SquareLine will also work.

Do I understand it correctly … besides micropython and the lv_micropython library I also need a display driver?

If you plan to use MicroPython on top of ESP-IDF, T-Display is not a product of Espressif but LilyGO, and is not mentioned in the list of Espressif devkits and modules so this board is not supported by ESP-IDF out-of-the-box. However ST7789 display-driver is included in ESP-IDF and with proper ‘idf.py menuconfig’ command and settings you might be able to make an sdkconfig for your board.
According to LilyGO product page the Arduino-IDE/SDK should be used as it seems to have support for T-Display in board manager (including ST7789V driver). I guess you’d better go on that route.