ERROR: License error. No data

I want to use Squareline Studio as I did for several hours.

I tried to login 4 times, same error everytime. Internet works, Login is correct.

Any idea is welcome.


  • SquareLine Studio version:1.3.3
  • Operating system: macOS
  • Target hardware: Macbook

New error after trying 6 times.

So, the error message: “ERROR: communication error” actually means that the password is wrong.

I’m just playing a bit to see what I’m dealing with.

Could someone help me out so I can use SquareLine Studio again?

We think you could have a problem with the date/time settings on your PC. In the next version we’ll make the error messages more diverse.

Thanks for the feedback. However, my date/time settings are correct. Even reinstalling SquareLine Studio didn’t solve the issue.

How can I solve this issue to be able to use SquareLine Studio again?

Yesterday we updated the error messages on the license server. Could you please try again and report the exact message you get, so we might have more chance to decide on the action to take?