Esp32-2432s028 & Squareline Studio


I’m using Squareline Studio (1.3.2) with an esp32-2432s028.

Unfortunately I have 3 issues at present,

  1. The colours are inverted, I’ve tried editing the lvgl_conf.h file and used the 16 BIT swap option in the project settings without success.

  2. The touch doesn’t work, haven’t had a look into this yet.

  3. The display is not centred, it’s slightly off to the left, again haven’t had a look into this yet.

If anyone has advice or guidance on how to use Squreline Studio with the esp32-2432s028 board it would be most appreciated as Squreline Studio is a great tool.

If you need any further information please reply to this post.


I tried Squreline Studio direct they couldn’t or wouldn’t help, which I thought was a bit off…

URL for board