esp32-8048S070 development board - board driver -- how to import live values in to UI, export values from interface

Hi there I am new to format - but I made board package for this board for arduino and works and i can create UI for this board but i was wondering how does one input live values into the UI from arduino ( ie; from openweather arduino library) and export values from the UI to arduino .

and a secondary note your newer software is buggy i have to start and older version first then the newer version will start afterwards

I tried up load the driver but not allowed to . the board I m referring too is this one


You can use the widgets directly. E.g. lv_label_set_text(ui_Label1, "Some text");

What happens if the new software first? And which version do you use?

thank you for the reply. - lv_label_set_text(ui_Label1, "Some text"); I got that part working fine and it printing published mqtt topics to the UI . But still struggling how to export an output from a button from UI to be processed by arduino - I see it to need to use ui_event.c and I can print to serial using printf from button input ) but I can not seam to figure out how get it to either publish MQTT or send http to domoticz . or value to from ui to arduino esp32 ( if I could just find one example somewhere with arduino – but so far searches have come up empty for events i can only find input to ui )

as to the buggy software-
usually 1.0.5 starts with out issue if not after reboot it will . 1.1.0 and higher do not start with out help . basically if I try the 1.1.0 to 1.2.3 gui interface starts and then disappears almost instantly. if i start 1.0.5 first from terminal leave it open then start 1.2.3 ( or any of newer versions) it will start fine then I can close 1.0.5 and continue from there

With Arduino you can do 2 things:

  1. Manually add events to the buttons in the INO file. E.g. lv_obj_add_event_cb(ui_Button1, my_event_cb, LV_EVENT_CLICKED, NULL)
  2. Add the events in SLS as a “Call function” action but in Project properties set not to
    export the call functions. This way you can define them in the INO file, but SLS will add them to the widget in the exported code:

Regarding the issue with different versions, we are looking in to it.

I think program start issue is some how related to licence pop up box in your program… if i start the older version but do not click away the box before trying the the newer version. the newer version will not start. go back to the older version click away the licence box . and then try the newer one again it starts up… or if I create an application link on my desktop and then just hammer away at it maybe after 10 - 20 rapid clcks the program will start – I have the same issue on all my linux boxes