Event>Function Call

What do you want to achieve?

Function callback to user code outside of exported files.

Do you see alternative options and workaround to achieve it?

Pointer to function?

Mention some use cases

At present the Event > Function call is very thoughtfully non-destructive in that the existing code is merged so I don’t have to re-add my functions every time I make changes and export my GUI. Would it be favourable to call back to functions in non-SLS code (to better isolate the export files from business logic) and remove the merge? On the understanding that the developer must handle the callback, I think this would be a good workflow option in addition to polling object state in user code.

I think I don’t fully understand. To goad would be to not create a empty functions in ui_event.c but let you implement them somewhere, right?

Yes that was my thought. Upon reflection I think it may be a bad idea. But the idea that export files are as minimally destructive to non-SLS logic as possible is a good one I think. Just so that iterations of the gui have minimal impact on external logic. Polling object state has worked perfectly for me so far so I would withdraw my suggestion.

In the “Project properties” you can choose to not export ui_events.c so you can implement those function where you wish.


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