Event list of project? Have events created but can’t find them being called

I am creating a navigation type project and have buttons to call some events (functions). For example, a power button. On the button, i’ve created an event to call the function. When I close the project and reopen, it shows no record of the event attached to the button. So I add another event. It won’t let me add the function call name I previously used but doesn’t show there is any event there. In the generated code, it lists the function call. But I want to delete all of these and rename them as the UI has taken another direction but I can’t find it attached to the button to delete. Am I missing something?

Basically I have 4 events now with different names that aren’t referenced anywhere in the project but every export they are there. Yes, I can delete them manually from the code but I just don’t understand this operation within squareline studio

Could you please send us a screenshot of your events panel, so that we can check more in detail?