Export events to Arduino

I want to export events to a file. But the created ui_events.c file is never containing any of my created events in the SLS.

I tried to redo this in a new project with the same result
this is the content of my ui_events.c file

// This file was generated by SquareLine Studio
// SquareLine Studio version: SquareLine Studio 1.4.0
// LVGL version: 8.3.11
// Project name: Test1
#ifndef _UI_EVENTS_H
#define _UI_EVENTS_H
#ifdef __cplusplus
extern ā€œCā€ {
#ifdef __cplusplus
} /extern ā€œCā€/

does someone knows how to get rid of this problem?


Normal events is not exported to uievents file. This is only for special event type call function.

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