Export to arduino IDE with FreeNove Dev Kit ESP32S3

What do you want to achieve?

I want to export a SLS project to Arduino. I am using the FreeNove Development Kit for ESP32-S3
This kit uses an ESP32-S3 WROOM with 2.8" display (320x240, display ILI9341V and TFT controller ST7789V)

What have you tried so far?

1 - The project is very simple: just screen with 1 button
2 - After creation of this simple project, I export it using the “Create Template Project”
3 - Then I loaded the ui.ino on arduino IDE 2.3.0, set the sketchbook to folder where the project was exported ( as instructions on file readme.rm generated by SLS during exporting )
4 - Then I edited the file User_Setup.h (the attached file is the final User_Setup.h file without any comments)
5 - I am pretty sure the pins for my board are correct, since the pinout is printed on board silk (see image attached)
6 - The board detect by Arduini IDE is “ESP32S3 Dev Module”

The code compile without any error, but nothing appears on screen.

Is there something else I have to config, besides User_Setup.h?
Is there any configuration necessary fo lvgl.h?

Screenshot or video