Export to lvgl / lv_binding_cpp

What do you want to achieve?

export to true C++ using the LV_binding_CPP library

Do you see alternative options and workaround to achieve it?

Currently the export is labeled as c / c++ but it’s really just c, so using them in a c++ program is a bit messy, would prefer true c++ code using the LVGL C++ library

Mention some use cases

Main project is c++ and mixing c and c++ in a embedded multi threaded environment can get messy, especially when your export does not leave user written code alone and it gets over written, so things like ui events like buttons, that trigger something in another thread are messy requiring calls from c code into C++ objects and visa versa.

lv_binding_cpp is still work in progress and unfortunately recently there wasn’t much activity in it. :frowning:

As it’s part of LVGL (i.e. community developed) contribution would be very welcome. If it were stable we could add true C++ export option feature to SquareLine too.

Now we use the term “C/C++” because the exported C code can be used in C++ projects too. It just not that Cpp-ish.