Export UI as Images

What do you want to achieve?

I would like to request the addition of an “Export UI as Images” feature in SquareLine Studio. This feature would allow users to export their UI designs as image files (such as PNG, JPG, or webp) to easily share them with others or use them in documentation or presentations.

Here are the specific options that I believe should be included in this feature:

Supported Formats:

  • PNG
  • JPG
  • WebP

Scale Options:

  • A dropdown menu to select the scale percentage, such as 100%, 200%, 500%, etc. This would allow users to export UI designs with increased pixel density if needed.


  • An input field or a dropdown menu to specify the dimensions of the exported image, either in pixels or a predefined unit (e.g., pixels, inches, centimeters, etc.). This would enable users to export the UI designs in custom sizes according to their requirements.


  • An input field to specify the desired filename for the exported image. This would allow users to assign meaningful names to the exported files, making them easier to identify and organize.

Do you see alternative options and workarounds to achieve it?

Currently, SquareLine Studio lacks the ability to directly export UI designs as images. As an alternative, users can take screenshots of their designs using external tools or capture the screen during the preview. However, having an integrated export feature would be more efficient and convenient for users.

Mention some use cases

  1. Sharing UI designs: Users often need to share their UI designs with team members, stakeholders, or clients who may not have direct access to SquareLine Studio. Being able to export the UI as an image would simplify the sharing process.

  2. Documentation and presentations: Exporting UI designs as images would facilitate the inclusion of visuals in documentation, tutorials, blog posts, or presentations. It would allow users to illustrate concepts, demonstrate specific features, or provide examples without the need for additional screenshots or manual conversions.

  3. Collaborative feedback: When collaborating with others, exporting UI designs as images can be useful for gathering feedback or conducting design reviews. Users can easily annotate the exported images or provide visual comments, making it easier to communicate and iterate on the design.

  4. Design portfolio: For UI/UX designers who want to showcase their work, exporting UI designs as images would be beneficial for creating a portfolio. They can compile a collection of visually appealing images representing their designs and easily present their work to potential clients or employers.

Adding the requested “Export UI as Images” feature with options to choose supported formats, scaling options, dimensions, and filename would greatly enhance the usability and versatility of SquareLine Studio, making it more convenient for users to share and utilize their UI designs outside the software.

Thank you for considering this feature request, and I appreciate your continuous efforts in improving SquareLine Studio.

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Maybe 2025 on actual dev speed. Now exist more urgent miss i mean.

Why not just use the simple built in Snipping Tool under windows. I am sure the other oprating systems also have screen capture capabilities. From those tools the images can be pasted straight into documentations or save them for later use. That is what I use in those situations.

Hi Christine,

Thanks for the suggestion. We are also considering a similar solution. We would like to export a complete document with the names of widgets, components, and screens, along with images, events, animations, etc. The images would be separately accessible as well. This way, the programmer wouldn’t need to use the software during implementation but could see how the UI is structured from the documentation. These pieces of information could also be used for other purposes, as you mentioned.


This implementation would be very useful.

Any suggested date for adding the feature into release version?

How is this feature progressing?

As a related request: export screens to PDF, with specified resolution and physical width/height. This way, I can hold a physical copy of the future display contents before our display is manufactured.