External sources in SquareLine studio

Hello! I have 2 screens in my app. One of them is idle screen and upon trigger it has to change screen to the second. So, actually, i have two questions.

  1. How can i link trigger for screen changin to serial port? In my project a device with LVGL support acts as screen and i want it to change screen upon call from linux station.
  2. How can i make a textbox linked to information from serial port?

I belive it can be achieved via messing up in .py file, but i want to know is it possible to achieve my goals within SquareLine studio?

Thank in advance!

Just call lv_scr_load(some_screen)

You can use lv_textarea_add_text(textarea, "text")

As these are related to external code SquareLine can’t handle them directly :frowning: