Files deleted exporting UI Files to Arduino Path

 Hi, I updated SLS for problem with widget Spinbox when is compiled in arduino, I updated 1.3.4 to 1.4.0, but now compile fine but I have a new problem, when export UI Files to path delete the INO file (Arduino) and all that not be SLS files.

Any solution



Not sure if I got your scenario correctly from the above-written text, but in case you have files in the ‘ui’ folder you should move them to other safer places. From v1.4.0 SquareLine Studio deletes previous files (except ui_events.c) in ‘ui’ folder to avoid leaving residues of deleted stuff in the ‘ui’ folder. So if you have any file there it gets deleted on UI-export. There’s an existing discussion about this if you need further info: V1.4 - A nasty surprise for the unsuspecting - #2 by Hermit