Fix The Pointless and Dangerous 'Undo'

Today working in SLS I hit the ‘undo’ button and the work of several hours was lost, including several screens. I could not recover it because Autosave immediately kicked in.

What is the purpose of this back/undo button? it does not step back to the last action, it seems random or difficult to predict. With autosave on, it is really dangerous to use it.

Please fix this problem or make it a useful feature. This is infuriating, and for paid business software, it is reasonable to expect more.


  • SquareLine Studio version: 1.3.0
  • Operating system: macOS 13.2.1
  • Target hardware: NXP

In your project folder, there is an ‘autosave’ folder that keeps your last 10 autosaves. Depending on your autosave period, you will recover most of the work lost. Just open the archive and overwrite your current project with the one in autosave.

Thank you for your feedback. Several people wrote that undo does not work properly. We are working on the problem and will fix it as soon as possible.