Font converter questions

I did not create a new topic, will write here.
The “screen” has no editable properties. Why can’t the “screen” be assigned a font so that the “children” can use it?
Next. I need UTF-8 support + FontAwesome icons.
I Go into the font manager and … Found only a choice of one font. How do I now create the Montserrat font and icons from the FontAwesome font?
On the page of the official font converter there is a button “include another font”. Why is this “button” not in the editor’s font manager? Forgot? Didn’t see fit?
OK. I have a ready-made font file. Decided to include it in the project. In order for the editor to “see” it, I had to rename it. Weird. It would make perfect sense if the editor recognized font files created by the official font converter.
OK. The editor saw my font. What’s up with UTF-8 support?
Created a label, decided to change the default label. Here’s what I got:

I have described this problem in earlier editions of the editor. Developers safely ignored my remark. Thank you very much for supporting UTF-8.

I’ve moved this question into a new topic.

Please add your custom font file here in order to test it.
Have you set the range in SquareLine’s font converter correctly? E.g.

In v1.0 really only one font is supported. Probably it will be improved later.

Here are the properties of the “created” font.

In quotation marks because I actually use the font created by the offline script

REM ILI9488 480X320
node C:\Users\Alexander\AppData\Roaming\npm\node_modules\lv_font_conv\lv_font_conv.js --no-compress --no-prefilter --bpp 4 --size 18 --font Montserrat-Medium.ttf -r 0x20-0xFF,0x401,0x410-0x44F,0x451,0x2116,0x2022 --font FontAwesome5Pro-Solid.ttf -r 61441,61448,61451,61452,61452,61453,61457,61459,61461,61465,61468,61473,61478,61479,61480,61502,61507,61512,61515,61516,61517,61521,61522,61523,61524,61543,61544,61550,61552,61553,61556,61559,61560,61561,61563,61587,61589,61636,61637,61639,61641,61664,61671,61674,61683,61724,61732,61787,61931,62016,62017,62018,62019,62020,62087,62099,62212,62189,62810,63426,63650,63744,63745,63746,63748,63749,63120-63124,61918,62783 --format lvgl -o font_montserrat_18.c --force-fast-kern-format

By the way, the --force-fast-kern-format key is not recognized in the font manager.

All looks good and it should work. But it doesn’t seem like related to UTF8. Or “METKA” is plain ASCII.

Two more questions:

  • Does it work with a built-in font?
  • Does it work using the exported files?

Do you see an warnings on he “Console” panel (next to the “Assets” panel on your screenshot).

Unfortunately, you didn’t give me a specific answer about the license.
In any case, SquareLine Studio is too expensive for me. It makes no sense to look for a bug in a product that I will not use.