Generated code includes files for asserts no longer in project

I had some graphical asserts which were built into *_png.c files.
I deleted those assets and they no longer appear in the assets tab in SLS.
However, when I export the files, it is still creating the .c files for these assets.
How is it doing this as the files no longer exist!!

What do you want to achieve?

I don’t want SLS to build source files for assets that are no longer in the project.

What have you tried so far?


Screenshot or video



SLS version 1.0.3
Running SLS on Windows 10 x64 machine.
Raspbian Lite on a Raspberry Pi 3

Further to this:
I closed then re-opened SLS and it warned me that there were missing assets. In addition, image widgets that I deleted from the screens have re-appeared. I deleted those widgets again and it no longer generates those missing assets.

It would seem that deleting widgets may not always delete them from memory even though they no longer appear on the screen.


Thanks for the report! We also see the issues and started to work on them.