Getting toch on waveshare ESP32-S3 Development Board, with 1.28inch Round Touch LCD to work

I am using a Esp32s3 dev board with 1.28 round screen attached (from waveshare). i am able to export and upload the code to the board but when i remove the false for touched and uncomment the " tft.getTouch( &touchX, &touchY, 600 ):" the error message received is “class TFT_eSPI’ has no member named ‘getTouch’; did you mean ‘getColor’?” Now there are claims online to have the TOUCH_CS pin defined, but this particular module does not have a TOUCH_CS pin as stated by the manufacturer of the board. This is their statement: “The touch LCD communicate the ESP32 via i2c inteface instead of the SPI, in this case, it doesn’t have Touch_CS pin” i am able to get the module to display as a normal LCD but i am unable to get it to register touch. please provide a solution to this. Kind regards

TFT_eSPI library doesn’t seem to support I2C touch by default, just SPI (not sure about this I2C version: GitHub - kostuch/TFT_eSPI_I2C: Arduino and PlatformIO IDE compatible TFT library optimised for the STM32, ESP8266 and ESP32 that supports different driver chips (with pins connected via PCF857x port expander)), and only for certain touch-controllers like XPT2046. You might have a different touch-screen chip. I guess you’ll need to use a custom library to use that touch-screen, independently from the SPI-based working TFT driver.