Going from V1.2.1 to V1.3.1 deletes user ui_event.c code

What do you want to achieve?

Upgrade project from 1.2.1 to V1.3.1 to see if missing function prototypes for screen init functions in V1.2.1 would be resolved. The prototype issue was resolved.
However, it looks like the program created a new ui_events.c file and overwrote the current file.

What have you tried so far?

copy ui_events.c generated by 1.2.1 into directory for 1.3.1. This resolves most issues but the prototype for _ui_screen_change has changed and breaks code. fixable.

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    Win 10
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In v1.3.0 we really added a larger rework on the directory structure of the exported code and some minor incompatibilities might happen.

Did I understand correctly that all the issues were fixable?

Yes they were fixable.
The new directory structure is nice!