HF Amplifier Control Pannel

I am building a 3kw amplifier for my amateur radio station, I am also using the Panlee 3.5" WT32-SC01 Plus module to interface with the amplifier. It will display some info like SWR, PWR, Band, Antanna, and Temperature / Fan State. I will use it to select the band in use, choose the antenna, put it in bypass, and do a few other little tricks.

The Panlee only has 6 GPIO pins, I will need much more than that. It also has RS485. Is there a method of using RS485 to communicate between two ESP32 boards? To use one as a master, and the other as a slave to expand on my GPIO?

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So, did a LOT of digging and I can save myself, and others some time.

RS485… Out the door. I2C is IN THE HOUSE!

Adafruit makes an MCP23017 I2C GPIO Expander Breakout. It’s also stackable for upto 8 modules. So, not only can I expand it. I can continue to expand it if I need to. Its simple, uses I2C, and adds 16 additional GPIO pins to the mix.

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Sounds like an interesting project! I’d be happy to see some screenshots about it. :slight_smile:

Yeah, Its coming along. It will be pushing 3800w, but limited to only 2500 for safety, and legalities of course.

The small (for now) 3.5" screen will allow for band and antenna changes. But will also display SWR, Power output, Band, and Antenna selection. Soon to have envelope and signal shape/scope displays too.

I realize that 3.5" is small, but I can always scale that up.