[Hierachy] multiselect widgets to change the same settings in one go

What do you want to achieve?

Sometimes i need to change the same setting for a large group of widgets, allow a multiselect of the widgets in the Hierarchy and then change a setting for all of them in one go.

Mention some use cases

Example : calculator screen with multiple number buttons. The user would like to change the background colour for all of the buttons. By allowing a multiselect in the [Hierarchy] and then in the [inspector] showing only those settings that are available (the same type) for all the selected widgets it would allow the user to change the background colour with one single edit.

yeah, that will make the software more convenient to use

I did see the youtube of v2 but using scene/scenarios would not solve it. imho

At the moment we have no plans for multi-widget selections in the Hierarchy panel. But if we see big interest in the near future we’ll consider implementing it.