Hit a Key of the keyboard widget methode

What do you want to achieve?

I would like hit an specific key of the keyboard widget with an instruction or
when I pressed a buttton out of keyboard widget, for example hit the backspace key of the keyboard widget when I press an specific widget button (not the keyboard)

#release # What have you tried so far?
Implemented Keyboard in numeric mode, show only one part of the keyboard, just the part Im interested to show… attach a text area to show the number and create a button with a label to show where should press for backspace. I want to press this button and then make the backspace in the text area just same like hit by methode the specific backspace button of the own keyboard widget.

Screenshot or video



  • **SquareLine Studio version:**1.3.3
  • **Operating system:**Windows
  • **Target hardware:**Arduino TFT_eSPI

This can’t be done in SquareLine, you need to do this in the exported LVGL code. As a reference you can use LVGL’s corresponding document: Keyboard (lv_keyboard) — LVGL documentation