How do I move a image around the screen

I found it in the documentation: Use lv_obj_set_x(obj, 10);or lv_obj_set_y(obj, 10); To easily move the image around!

I have a linear gauge image and I want to move a needle image up and down the screen over the gauge image.

I have tried using: lv_img_set_offset_y(ui_Needle,

               (myoffset) );

I have successfully used set angle many times to rotate an image over a gauge image and this works great. I believe that in reading the documentation set_offset_y or x is limited. What is the correct way to move the needle in a linear fashion?

Screenshot or video


  • SquareLine Studio version: 1.3.4
  • Operating system: Windows 10
  • Target hardware: ESP32 Adruino

Try show image, because your explain isnt clean.
And for possition use set positions not offsets