How do you export a VS code project

How do you export a VS code project?

I am using v1.3.1

I can export the UI files using EXPORT - EXPORT UI FILES
However, no project files are created despite the project folder path being specified as shown in the image below.

Referencing this part of the 1.3.1 Docs it says there should be a EXPORT PROJECT option but i do not see this in the studio software.

Export a project

In the current version you can export ready to use simulator project for C/C++ and MicroPython languages. In File/Projet Settings you can set the target language and IDE/SDK. You can select either MicroPython with MakeFile project or C/C++ with Eclipse project. In this window you can also change the resolution and color depth of the display.

After that, by clicking the Export/Export Project menu you can browse where to export the project. By selecting a location project will be there in a few seconds.

Okay it has changed to a new menu option, (or I mis-read the documentation)
You need to create a template project.