How to add a new board to squareline studio?

What do you want to achieve?

Add a new board as Options to Espressif group.

What have you tried so far?

Ive tried all possible ways as described in this tutorial: Open Board Platform (OBP) | SquareLine Studio

Screenshot or video


  • **SquareLine Studio version:1.4.0
  • **Operating system:Windows
  • **Target hardware:ESP32S3

Hello, this tutorial is very confusing as it says:
└── boards
└── your_board_name
└── version (v1_0_0)
├── your_board.png
└── your_board.slb

But inside the folder you will find:

└── boards
|____ {Group} Ex. Espressif
└── your_board_name_v1_0_0
├── your_board.png
└── your_board.slb

Anyway, Ive tried all possibilities ans still doesnt work, what is the correct way to do this?

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The correct way is what you write in the lower part, the OBP documents need an update, thanks for pointing it out. You have to create a ‘group’ name in ‘boards’ folder, in it the your_board_v1_0_0 (if it’s the first version, the version should match the one in the slb file), and the rest (zip containing the board in __ui_project_name__, slb and png with matching name before the extension) is the same in the documentation. There’s a video at Youtube which might help even further:
Can you tell what particularly doesn’t work for you? It’s needed to find the issue. (Maybe the problem is some mismatch or missing field is the .slb file, a lot depends on that file.)

Another error on the documentation is that it should be inside the installation folder and not the Documents folder.

After all this, it works now. thanks.

It can be used in the correct place in the documents folder, for example on Linux I have the custom board-templates in ~/Squareline/boards folder (~ stands for user’s home folder, a place similar to Users or Documents folder). (It’s probably better being stored there from safety point of view than in the installation folder.)

That board location does not work on Mac OS 14.4.1 on Squareline Studio 1.4. I could only get custom boards to appear by editing the app package contents to add board.

I had multiple custom boards on Linux machine in ~/Squareline/boards but when copied to Mac that board location did not work.

What about giving directly Users\USERNAME\SquareLine\boards that Open Board Platform (OBP) | SquareLine Studio document mentions? (With USERNAME replaced by your username.)
Is it the same as ~\SquareLine\boards?
Thanks for the feedback.

Any custom boards placed in \Users\USERNAME\SquareLine\boards do NOT appear when using Mac OS. It is almost like the software is not reading that folder. It only seems to pull board data from the app package contents.

Thanks for the feedback, we’ll check it out with the responsible staff.

Its strange the default location for boards, assets, etc is: \Users\USERNAME\Documents\SquareLine. I can place any asset in the asset folder and it appears but not boards in the boards folder.

OBP boards only work in \Users\USERNAME\SquareLine\boards. Why does the software look for boards in a different default directory than assets, etc.

Good question. Thanks for the information. This issue is already tracked and this new info will be incorporated.

In SquareLine 1.4.0 the default asset/examples/etc. folder is in the same location as the ‘boards’ folder: ‘/Users/USERNAME/SquareLine/’