How to config "User_Setup.h" and "User_Setup_Select.h"

How to config “User_Setup.h” and “User_Setup_Select.h” for following board ?

4.3 inch ESP32 module
ESP32-4827S043N/R/C ESP32-8048S043C

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additional image:

You maybe not understand what Squareline and lvgl is. Your asked files dont exist here.

Actually these files exist in the Arduino project that you can export from SquareLine., however unfortunately we have no experience with that specific board. :slightly_frowning_face:

Maybe for you exist , but for real users is zero docu equal dont exist

The usage of each board is documented in the README of the given board. You see it when you export the board.

i have the same problem with ESP-2432S028 board and screen, i can’t make it work.
any luck someone?

this is the board:!ILS!35.1!35.1!!!!!%40211bf31716847792507845987d07e4!12000029387813500!sea!IL!856395359&curPageLogUid=A9vkbjMPTxer

You will need to figure out the correct settings for lvgl and whatever libarary you are using to interface with. It has nothing to to with Squareline. Depending in your development environment you will either have to modify the matching files of lvgl and your graphic driver libarary or work with build flags.

Since it is an ESP based board you will probably use some Arduino style coding. Possible graphic libraries are:


At your Aliexpress Link is a download package available. It is based on Arduino in combination with TFT_eSPI. As I can see, there are matching configuration files for LVGL and TFT_eSPI included. So it is basically just RTFM.

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