How to create carousel (menu structure)

I would like create carousel, this consist of series of icons in horizontal row, which would not all fit on the screen, so I would require the facility to scroll horizontally through them. When a paticular icon is selected it would open a new screen.
Mike Zomo

Hi, the easiest way to do this is to turn on the scrollable flag in the screen and then turn on the flex layout. You can find a tutorial video on using flax layout here. You can solve the screen change by setting an event on a button, which you set a change screen action on.


Much thanks, I will try it.

Mike Zomo

Is possible share the code in here, The video is too fast and I couldn’t understand it.

The description above tells the essentials of creating a menu like the one you want. The tutorial video is of a ‘straight-to-the-facts’ type, but you can stop and slow down the video when you need to catch up.
This is an SLS UI-design tip, no coding needed.
Do you mean you’d like to have an example project?
‘SmartWatch’ built-in example project of SquareLine can be a good starting point.