How to create tabview , talbe , listview use squareline v1.1.0

What do you want to achieve?

create tabview , talbe , listview

What have you tried so far?

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The missing LVGL widget will be added in the next minor version (v1.2). We have just fixed some v1.1 bugs and will release v1.1.1 this week. After that we will start to work on v1.2.

Until that these widgets need to be added manually. After calling ui_init() you can simply add custom code which won’t be overwritten on a new export.

Is there a time schedule for version 1.2

Please update on the progress of the following widget:

  1. Menu
  2. List

Menu is not on the short-term Roadmap because it’s too specific. Ideally you should easily put together something like that from basic widgets.

Using layouts it’s easy to create a widget like list. In fast I was thinking about removing it from LVGL as well.

Thank you for your reply.
I am creating a user interface for the User Preference. Would you recommend any tutorial or blog post to do so using the widgets supported in Squareline Studio?

Can you show a screenshot about what would be the goal?