How to display arc indicator with different colors

What do you want to achieve?

Different colors on arc widget indicator

What have you tried so far?

Checking lvgl documentation

Screenshot or video

The below is a rough sketch of what I want to achieve.

Is there a possibility to divide ARC widget into 5 different color sections for different temperature ranges? I havent found a way to do this yet. Any help is appreciated

You need to generate this image in an image editor software and set it as image on the arc’s indicator.

This kind of gradient is called conical gradient and you can generate one in GIMP too.

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Thanks. Setting it as image on the arc’s indicator was exactly what I was looking for

Similar issue here. I have done the same Workaround but on the Display the colors doesn’t fits. I use the T-Display S3 Board (ESP32 S3) from Lilygo. Any solutions here ?
In the Editor it works fine.

It was a bug in an earlier version of LVGL. Please update LVGL to v8.3.7.

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Thanks. Works perfectly. :+1:

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