How to import lottie animation file in squareline studio?

we made good animation file in lottie (JSON) is compression file system, without stuck

already online brief explain the document how to import lottie file in c code format

but my thought is how implemented squareline studio ??

I asked a similar question in January, but I think there is more important stuff to solve before this implementation… :wink:

How to implement?:smirk:

In SquareLine Studio Lottie fiela re not supported yet, however they are supported in LVGL.

What you can do is creating a place holder panel in SquareLine, where you create the lottie animation manually.


lv_obj_t* lottie = lv_rlottie_create_from_raw(ui_Panel_1, width, height, lottie_data);
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Thank you kisvegabor