How to "scroll one"

I have a “parent” panel with many child panels inside. I am using flex + row + no wrap.
For the parent panel I am using the flags: Scrollable + Scroll one.
Scrollbar mode is ON and scroll direction is set to horizontally.
I can scroll through the child panels, however the setting “Scroll one” means: “Allow scrolling only one snappable children”
This is not working. I can scroll freely and there is no scroll one effect. What have I missed? Do I have to declare the child panels as childs, or does that happen automatically with the flex design?

Thank you for any help on this :slight_smile:

Ahh, you can’t set the snapping in SquareLine now. :frowning: Will add it the nexe trelease!

To try it out you can call lv_obj_set_scroll_snap_x(parent, LV_SCROLL_SNAP_CENTER);.